01. Can we work well together? Great - let's talk about your project (in person if you're local, or over email, phone or Skype). Our team will send you a quote once we've established a relationship and discussed your website/branding needs. We'll book a start date as soon as you're ready to move forward. For us to include your name on the calendar, we require a deposit, which is due before any work is performed.


02. We will start by gaining a solid understanding of your brand, which is vital to any successful project. Let's discuss all your business ideas and insights here. During this stage, we will identify your goals, determine the direction of your creative project and discuss any technical setup needed (like the best eCommerce platform for you).


03. We have reached the exciting part! We'll work closely together from start to finish, whether it's a new brand identity, website design, or anything else. As part of the process of building your brand, we'll begin with a mood board and then move on to logos, websites, and other collateral. Does your branding already exist? Let us know so we can incorporate it (or enhance it). We will send you mock-ups of the home page to allow you to choose the style and look you prefer before we start building the entire site.


04. Upon presenting your new website, give us your feedback, we make any final tweaks, then sign off. Our team will prepare everything you need in advance (including logo files, brand guidelines and a detailed walkthrough of your website).


05. Voila! Having your website live now means that you can start sharing it on social media channels and other customer contact channels. Following the launch, you have one month to receive technical support from us (without charge). Where does it come from? The success of your website is as important to us as it is to you! It is a pleasure to support your business 100%.